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    Express your Feelings with Flowers

    Flowers have an impact on happiness. We express excitement when we receive flowers. After receiving flowers we react to that situation, it could be of surprise, genuine, happiness and gratitude. Flowers have a long-time effect on our moods. Giving and receiving flowers create an intimate relationship between us and our beloved ones (family, friends or well-wishers).

    Do you remember something here? When we see beautiful colors we get connected to those. Colors play a big part in our life. We choose colors that we like and what suits us. If we see flowers in different colors we get connected to a few flowers that impact us directly. That is why we give different kinds of flowers on different occasions. We love to give flowers and we grow beautiful flowers around us.

    Being around flowers will definitely change our mood. We take a tour or plan any occasion that is mostly surrounded by flowers.

    How do they impact on our mood:   Polite Smile – no excitement here, but it is commonly used smile when someone greets our normal way. It’s a very casual way we smile.

                                                                               True smile – when we feel happy and get pleasure from something or somebody, we get true smile.

                                                                               Excited smile – this carries two emotions – excitement and happiness. Here we express true smiles, as well as eyebrows, are raised high, expressing true happiness and excitement. This happens mostly when we wish/greet them with flowers.

    Let us see how our Emotions are connected with FLOWERS

    Red Flowers: It is connected with love and romance and has a positive impact on the immune system. It is also an energizing color for those who experienced illness.

    Violet Flowers: it has a calming effect on the mind and nerves. It stands for uplifting and encourages creativity. 

    Yellow Flowers: it signifies the sun and invokes radiant and happy feelings. It stimulates the nervous system and friendly color that encourages communication.

    Orange Flowers: it encourages socialization and associated with determination and success.

    Blue Flowers: it is known as a favorite color. It invokes feelings of calm, cool and sedate. It is perceived as dependable and trustworthy.

    Green Flowers: we get the feeling of freshness and renewal. It signifies prosperity and growth.

    Pink Flowers: a sign of joy. It signifies a sense of sweetness and romance.

    White Flowers: a symbol of openness. It signifies love, purity, openness, perfection, and honesty. Explore your emotion now by send flowers online to Dubai

    So to conclude, when we are sad or in a bad situation we try to go out and spend with nature. Whenever we see flowers they make us feel something. We feel excited; they change our mood or our emotion of sadness into joy/happiness.

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    It is the best place to find varieties of flowers for your beloved ones. Flowers are the best way to express feelings. They become our voice.

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