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Top 5 Best Destinations to Visit in the US

Planning a trip to the US, but not sure where to start your journey and what destinations you should visit? This article has narrow down the list of 5 most popular destinations that deserve to be on your bucket list.

From Statue of Liberty to shining seas, there are a number of things that attract you to plan a trip to U.S. However, shortlisting the best travel destinations in the U.S can be a daunting task for anyone who has never been there. To help you explore the best of U.S, this article has listed some of the popular names. The world-class cities, some known for their history, some for picturesque architectural buildings and others give you a broad spectrum of places to choose from. Every region has its very own attraction and charm to surprise you. No matter whatever your interest is, you can easily fall for these beautiful destinations.

Here are the names of top 5 travel destinations that you can’t skip while traveling to the U.S:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of Gamblers, nested in the heart of beautiful U.S. LAS is one of the most hustling-bustling cities that can offer you unmatched nightlife experience in the U.S. Its top-notch restaurants, fabulous casinos, and world-class shopping streets make this place a true desert oasis for travelers. 


The capital of U.S has world's best museums and monuments to explore although at free of cost. This is one of the most common reasons that make Washington the most visited city in the U.S especially for families and school groups. Ford's theater, the National Museum of American History, the White House, the Capitol, the National Gallery of Art are the few popular museums.

New York

There is no city like NYC in this world. America's most iconic statue "the Statue of Liberty", the Empire State Building, and Time Square are some of the main tourist attractions for both domestic and international visitors. If you're planning to stay more a week in the U.S, then dig deeper into the NYC's architecture.

San Francisco

Take a cruise on SF bay to give your eyes a treat of beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is the perfect getaway for couples, families or solo travelers as there is a wide range of things to explore that perfectly suits your different needs.


Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, has jaw-dropping architecture and museums to explore. That's not all, Chicago has world-class food (deep dish, sushi, and hot dogs) to make your taste buds dancing. When you want to enjoy weather, food, sightseeing, there's no place better than Chicago

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Jashon, an experienced travel agent engaged into writing travel blogs and always helping travelers to find cheap online flight booking deals.

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jashon thomas

Jashon, an experienced travel agent engaged into writing travel blogs and always helping travelers to find cheap online flight booking deals.


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