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    What are the things you need for building a Website?

    There are several steps to follow and things to do when you start building a website. Before starting on it, you might want to make a checklist of these things, so it is easy and you don’t skip any of these. 

    For anyone who is not really a professional web developer, but is looking to create a website themselves, these are the things you need - 

    Domain Name -

    Selecting a domain name for your website is important for identification. It is basically the digital address for users to visit your site. 

    You will first need to check if the domain name of your choice is available (i.e, not used already by another website). If available, you need to pay a small fee (generally between $10-$20 and sometimes even less than $10 a year) and register it to your website, so that it becomes its an official domain name, and no other website can use the same.
    This can also be used in the email address of the business, for potential customers to contact. Other email addresses like Gmail can also be used, but there’s a chance that your website will seem less credible to some users.
    When users online see a website that uses free email addresses instead of its own domain and address, the first thing that comes to their mind in most cases is - “How professional or good can this brand/service be if they can’t even afford $10 for a domain name or if they haven’t even bothered to purchase a domain name?” This isn’t a great light to show your business in, especially if you are just starting out. 

    Web hosting - 

    You will also need a web hosting service, which provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet and allows you to post a website or web page onto the Internet.
    So, a host is the storage unit where your website content lives online; and when it’s domain name is entered by anyone in a browser, the browser will fetch this website from its the host.

    There are different types of hosting available, like - 

    Shared Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting

    VPS Hosting

    In Shared Hosting, you’ll have to share a server with other websites. This is priced between $5-$30;In VPS Hosting too, you’ll have to share the server with other websites, but you get more capacity to let you handle a larger number of visitors.In Dedicated Hosting, as the name suggests, you will have the entire server to yourself. Often used by websites of larger organizations or enterprises, this also has a higher price than the above two.
    Some website maker apps handle the hosting part too, while some don’t. In that case, you may need to use other website hosting services online.
    But either way, this is an important requirement for your website.

    Website Builder Software -  

    Using a website builder is the easiest option to build a website. There are many website CMSs available these days, each with its own unique features.
    Some of these have a learning curve, to be made full use of, while some are relatively easier to use. This also depends on the level of technical knowledge of the person using these.
    If you have little or good technical knowledge, especially of HTML and CSS, you can easily build a website using an HTML code-editor, which most of the website maker apps provide.
    And even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, many of these builders enable you to develop a website, without any coding. This can be done using some of the website CMSs which provide drag-and-drop elements and ready-made templates.

    Website Design - 

    Your website should have an attractive design - logo, pleasant and attractive colors, font, etc and easy navigability.
    These can be done using the drag-and-drop elements provided by some CMSs, or by using the code-editor option to design the whole website, as you like. 
    But the important thing is to have a design that complements your business, it’s products/services. You need to choose a website-maker app that is suited to your requirements and technical abilities.

    Search Engine Optimization and Analytics  - 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for any website, as it ensures that the website is found and accessed easily through search engines online; It enables anyone to find the website easily when a keyword used in that website is entered in a search engine.
    For this, you need to add the following things for your site (and your chosen website maker app will enable you to add these if it comes integrated with an SEO tool)-

    Meta-Title: A title for a web page, that is also displayed on search engine results as the title.

    Meta-Description: A summary of the web page content, having the primary keywords; this enables search engines to detect the web page more easily. 

    Alt Text for images: A text describing an image added on the web page; meant to be an alternative text for that image. It is displayed when the image is unable to be fetched; also used by search engines to find the image and display in results,

    Web Analytics is the ability to analyze the behavior of visitors to a website. For this, the website maker app you choose should have an integrated Analytics tool (like google tool).Web Analytics tools aid in gaining insights into the customers’ online behavior patterns and getting an understanding of their preferences, and to know what makes them visit or bounce off a web page. Analytics can be implemented to detect what percentage of visitors are using mobile phones and tablets, what percent are using desktops, and so on. Using this information and numbers, you can perform a device breakdown, and then prioritize on whichever is most used.

    Once you’ve done and checked off the above things, your website will be completely ready. 

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