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Translate Data into Insights with CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler

Digital data is among the most valuable assets any business can have, which is why it should be the driving force behind every decision you make. With the increased ubiquity of internet-connected technology, the amount of data being generated is doubling every two years. Even small businesses often have multiple terabytes or even petabytes of data in their care. It's how you use and act upon this data that really counts, however. In the new age of Big Data, companies need tools that help translate all those ones and zeros into actionable information and real-time insights. With the right strategy, businesses can leverage data to capitalize on new opportunities as soon as they arise. Finding a way to make sense of big data and access in-the-moment insights is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make.

How CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler Helps You Do More with Data

If your existing ERP system isn't delivering the information you need to enable great decision-making, then you're not enjoying its full potential. Regular reports should be considered a core component of any business IT strategy, which is why CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler was developed. This powerful yet user-friendly tool lets administrators set up fully customized reports that allow them to view the data that matters most to their industry and core operational goals. These reports can draw data from a multitude of different sources, including industry-leading CRM and ERP solutions. Furthermore, you can set a schedule for when the reports will be delivered and what format you would like them to be in. Currently supported report formats include DOC, XLS, PDF, HTML, RPT and TXT. They can also be delivered via email or directly to a cloud storage system for fast access anywhere.

CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler is not a jack of all trades. It's designed to suit a wide variety of different environments and needs through extensive customization abilities. A versatile solution that scales with the ever-changing needs of modern business, administrators can customize it to align with their current operational goals and industry trends and challenges. For example, administrators can configure hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports at the click of a button. Alternatively, you can leverage insights in real time by having the program generate a report as soon as a specific event occurs. This makes it great for quickly alerting administrators of things like potential data breaches or unexpected events that might lead to downtime or problems. To that end, it provides proactive support for your entire operational infrastructure simply by keeping people informed.

What's New in Version 7.8?

Developers Christian Steven regularly release updates to improve usability, performance and compatibility. Version 7.8 of CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler was launched in February 2019 to include a new integrations library for seamless functionality with an ever-wider range of ERP and CRM systems. Other new features include the ability to send a report to Slack from the application, various performance improvements and improved access to the knowledgebase from the Help Center button. Furthermore, an important issue with password-protection on PDF files has been resolved. To download the latest release, visit today.

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Harrison Clarke is a data-analytics specialist who uses automated reporting software to improve business performance and drive smarter decision making.

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