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    5 Simple Ways To Make An Attractive Cosmetic Packaging

    These boxes can be made in different designs with the name and the logo of your company written appealingly on them. Such tables tell customers about the details of the product they are buying. People look at product boxes even before they look at the real product, and if they get persuaded by the graphics shown on the table and description written on it, then they finally buy the product. This type of boxes are durable and long-lasting; they are recyclable and biodegradable. They not only attract customers, but they also protect the cosmetic products from getting damaged or leaked; you can use them to keep your products safe from attacks of water, sunlight, and fungal growths. 

    There are five simple ways explained below to make your cosmetic packaging more attractive.

    Making packaging that compliments the present season

    To make the packaging more attractive, you can use different themes for your boxes. These themes can be according to the time of year or can be complementary to the upcoming festival or celebration. For example, you can go with the Halloween theme when upgrading your eyeshadow colour palette. Besides, you can add images of ghosts and pumpkins on the boxes to make them look different, and you will also be able to attract your customers with some good visuals. 

    You can even write lines and quotes matching the occasion. Like, it is a great idea to write lines about winter or summer or how your cosmetic product will make the season more fun for the customers.

    Boxes that are designed in this way can be less costly for buyers when they order for packaging boxes wholesale. Wholesale boxes can be ordered in large amounts and at very affordable rates. This means you can get a large number of unique looking boxes at very less price. This will lower your overall costs and increase your profits.

    Enticing deals to attract customers

    This strategy is excellent for grabbing the attention of customers and making them buy the products. You can give offers and incentives to your customers to make them buy the products. For example, if you are selling a foundation, then you can pack an extra brush with it and tell your customer that it is a gift with the foundation. Likewise, you can add a small mirror in the box of the eyeshadow. Besides this, you can also give a discount coupon with some products to make them more appealing to the customers.

    Using transparency 

    Many cosmetic brands use transparent boxes for their products; this type of table is great for eyeshadows, lip-glosses, and makeup powders. Open boxes allow customers to see the actual product they are buying; this clears all their doubts and misconceptions about the products and also makes the product look great. You can ask your cosmetic box packaging suppliers to add plastic windows to your cosmetic packaging. These windows can be of any shape and can be added in boxes of all kinds. 

    Boxes that are easy to carry

    To make your packaging even more eye-catching, you can make the tables easy to carry. One of the methods this can be achieved is by using cardboard boxes with handles. Cardboard boxes are very light in weight, and this helps to carry them easily. It is also very flexible and elastic and can be drawn in any shape. These boxes can be lifted and transported without much effort or force. The same is the case with handles; handles make the table look cute and also help customers to carry their purchased products quickly and without any hassle. You can easily get these boxes by ordering for cosmetic boxes wholesale with windows.

    Writing clear details and descriptions

    One other meaningful way of attracting customers is by answering all their questions about the product. When a customers look at products; some items come to their minds; they then read the product descriptions written on the custom cosmetic boxes to find answers for these questions; if your products get successful in answering all questions, then the customer will surely buy your products. So, when you are designing your boxes, it is essential to write all the useful and vital information on the table. You have to add the required information under suitable headings. You can write about ways to use the product, ingredients used to make the product, safety measure, and risk factors included with the mishandling of the product. You must consist of the expiry and manufacturing dates of the product as well; this will make customers know that your products are not much old and can be used for a long time.

    These five ways will surely help your product to stand among all the other products out there. They will attract customers and make your brand accessible and well known among people. Manufactures of boxes have limited  cosmetics packaging supplies that help to design unique and distinguished boxes and improve your boxes to be attractive for customers. Cosmetic packaging boxes play a vital role in increasing sales of your products; they have a significant role in attracting customers; their role in increasing sales is even more significant than the actual product.

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